Good after noon dr. This is malik my question. Is mustered seed oil good for our heart or triple refined oil good for our heart.

Probably but... In one study indians who ate mustard oil had less heart disease but more research is needed. If it helps it may be due to its omega 3 fatty acid content but it also has euric acid, which might cause heart problems in rats but hasn't been studied in humans. It is probably safe in moderation. Re: refined oils, it depends on the oil; the healthiest oils are flax, hempseed, olive, coconut & fish oils.
Well I am not sure. About mustard oil but filtered or refined oil is fine if it is polyunsaturated or monounsaturated. It is better to have pure oil rather than any impurities. But since obesity and heart diseases is a problem - limiting your intake of all fats and oils would be helpful to a reasonable degree.