Have there been any advances in the last few years in surgery for trigger finger? What surgical/non-surgical advances do you expect?

This surgery is very. Straightforward in the absence of contracture, significant tenosynovitis, overlyng inflammatory disorders, gouty tendon invasion, tenodesis or arthritic joints that add stiffness. The surgical approach is often the same, incision direction and size may differ but its still in the scheme of things the same. Some speak about limited exposire or ultrasound guided but one still needs to release pulley.
Yes. Percutaneous trigger finger release surgery allows the a1 pulley to be released through a small incision or with a needle. Http://centraljerseyhand. Com/trigger-finger. Html.
Not really. Good news is that present treatment options are fairly straight forward and successful i.E from splinting and nsaids with massage, to cortisone injection of the sheath, to surgical release. If you are talking about dupuytrens that sometimes co-exists with trigger and/or is confused with it, then yes there is Collagenase injection.
Endoscopic surgery. There have been some advances in surgical treatment including endoscopic surgery. This involves a single minimal incision in the palm and the remaining procedure is done under camera visualization. Most patient do not require pain medications and movement is allied immediately with a return to work in days. Http://www. Fitzhand. Com/our-services/endotendon-procedures/trigger-finger/
Not really. Good news is that the treatment options are highly successful. If splinting and anti inflammatories don't work, corticosteroid injection usually does and is fairly simple and minimally painful. As a last resort, surgery works well with minimal risk.