What happens if u get pregnant after liposuction, could the fat removed return to the same place from gaining weight in pregnancy?

Liposuction. Liposuction removes the fat cells. If you gain weight after liposuction, the weight will go to places in the body where fat cells remain. The remaining fat cells will enlarge. This can be the breasts or buttocks or thighs or abdominal omental fat. Some fat cells will still remain in an area that had liposuction, so they could enlarge as well.
Other areas. Typically, with weight gain after liposuction, the fat goes to the areas where there are the greatest numbers of remaining fat cells - which are the areas that were not previously treated.
Liposuction. Weight loss and gain effect the results if liposuction so the weight should be stable. Liposuction is not an adjunct to dieting or weight loss.
Yes . If a patient gains weight after liposuction surgery, he/she may notice more fatty tissue in all areas, including areas already treated with the surgery. Of course, adipose tissue cells that are removed are removed permanently but the residual cells in the area may grow with weight gain. Therefore, best to achieve and maintain long-term stable weight around the time of liposuction surgery. Best.