Does coffee/tea increase the size of my bladder stones?

No. There is no reason why coffee ior tea should increase the number or size of your bladder stones. Your bladder stiones need to be removed. Bladder stones, when present , will cosistently enlarge because the stone is a nucleus for urinary salts to be deposited on the stone. See your local urologist and have the syones removed cystoscopically by laser or lithoclast, don't allow them to grow.
Unclear. Tea mainly is rich in oxalate. However, for some reason it appears that it does not precipitate oxalate stones. It is still wise to restrict it in patients who have high levels of oxalate in their urine and history of oxalate stones. Both, tea and coffee, have caffeine which gives rise to uric acid in blood and urine. In patients with gout or uric acid stones caffeine needs avoided.