38 yo male, history epilepsy (med controlled), closed tbi (12/2011). Slurred speech, hand tremor, unsteady gait, confused, lethargic, normal pupils.

Timeline? Your description does not state if all of these changes represent a change from the baseline, are new or chronic. If they are new then i would recommend going to your closest emergency room right away, if they are chronic and old then i would discuss this with your doctor as they could be consistent with traumatic brain injury.
TBI. A small slow oozing head bleed may go unnoticed on brain imaging (ct/mri) in the first few weeks after a closed tbi. For worsening symptoms, a repeat ct/mri should be obtained. Repeat imaging study is advised even months or years after the initial injury to evaluate for things such as subdural hematoma which may not present noticeable symptoms until months or even years after the initial injury.