Is lip asymmetry after removal of mucocele repairable? If so by who? Don't trust the original oral surgeon! Two years later still numb, permanent?

Yes and no. Asymmetry is repairable by the right surgeon, you must have had a huge mucocele to have problems, or just bad results. Numbness after 2 years is probably permanent, a total numbness is anesthesia, partial is paresthesia, dr. Sam mckennna at vanderbilt in nashville has done some nerve repairs. He is excellent, as many are, good luck finding one of his peers. Stick with oral surgeons.
Probably. It is unusual to have lip asymmetry after mucocele surgery. I can onl assume it was a very large mucocele and in a location where the scar tissue is causing the problem. I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon for a second opinion. And yes, I do think it is correctable!