What does benign follicular cells in mixed micro macrofollicular pattern, focal hurthle cell changes histiocytes mean? 3cm nodule on thyroid fast grow

Discuss. For a 3 CM fast growing thyroid mass, there is a higher chance of false negative with the biopsy. Not all the mass could be cancerous and the cancer spot could have been missed during fna because the mass is big at 3 cm. Most prudent step now is to follow for size changes and rebiopsy if it changes in 1 year. Depending on your age and current compressive symptoms, surgery is an option.
Review with doctor. Follicles are hollow balls with cells on the outside and a protein-containing liquid called colloid on the inside. Microfollicles are small balls made up almost entirely of cells with very little colloid in the center. Macrofollicles are large balls with much more colloid in the centers. Normal thyroid tissue is mostly macrofollicles, but may include some microfollicles as well.