Can teething cause on and off fevers in a 10 month old? And diaherra?

Maybe. The average 10mo is both acquiring teeth & sticking his/her hands in their mouth covered with new germs from their surroundings.Whether this is teeth or low grade viral illness is hard to say. I expect about 3 diarrheal illnesses & 5-7 respiratory viruses/yr at this stage. Since we can't fix either i think we blame teeth a bit more than they really deserve.
Certainly! Always a frustrating scenario to both parents and md ... Low grade fevers and mild mushy ( not watery, not leaking thru pampers kind) in a healthy thriving baby is better left alone! gripe water seems to work for me! regards !
Yes. Teething causes an inflammatory process that releases prostoglandins and increases temp slightly as well as causes diarrhea. Children's Ibuprofen will help with the prostin release.