How to overcome health anxiety?

You mean. Concerns regarding your health, i suppose. One little step at a time, direct your attention on what your health allows you to do well. Like breathing, talking, laughing, walking, etc. Take two or three deep breaths and enjoy feeling alive. If you find yourself too worried and anxious about your health, talk therapy can be very helpful to help u overcome your anxiety. Wishing you the best.
Agree w Dr. Duriez. See that pregnancy is listed under conditions. Pregnancy is a time that many women are anxious about their health. This stems from the fact that their health can effect their baby's health. One way to deal with this is to ensure that you are getting consistent pre-natal care. Educate yourself - "what to expect when you are expecting" a particularly good resource. That way you will have a better.
ERP - A form of CBT. Excessive anxiety related to physical symptoms or a medical condition, sometimes referred to as "health anxiety" or "hypochondriasis" is typically thought of as a type of obsessive compulsive disorder: People are tormented by repeated, unwanted thoughts of their health fear: It responds to Exposure and Response Prevention treatment -a form of CBT.

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How can I overcome my health anxiety without the help of a specialist?

See your family . medicine doctor for a thorough physical. Write down your concerns for your doctor. If you are found to be healthy but still worry about your health to the extent that it harmfully impacts your daily functioning, re-consider requesting referrals to appropriate mental health specialists. There is an international "Hypochondriac Support Group" on Facebook & . Read more...
Study and courage. If it's a financial reason, you'd probably save $ w/ expert help by avoiding unneeded visits and tests - but you might learn ways to tell if you a likely to have or not have various illnesses. Prevalence stats and risk factors and detailed early symptom lists, etc. But even pros need lab work, imaging and experience to diagnose well. And you'd need to learn anxiety mgmt skills. I'd try Tx. Read more...