I have problem with my back I have scoliosis. I went to many doctor all of them told me diffrent thing. I'm working exsercise every day it doesn't help.

Idiopathic scoliosis. Idiopathic (spontaneous without a cause) scoliosis is not a painful condition. Back pain in scoliosis is similar to that of people with a straight spine unless lumbar curves exceed 30-50 degrees and thoracic curves exceed 50-70 degrees. Curve progression occurs with aging by about .5 degree per year. It is not likely to "compress organs" or cause breathing, heart or neurologic probs unless severe.
Scoliosis. The priamry goals are to make your musles in your back, shoulders and upper back to make it strong and flexible and to improve your posture. You rshould always talk to your health care professional before you start an excercise program.