Have orthodics. Some relief. Dr. Rec is debridement and the clipping of the nerve at the toe. Wondered if it would be worth it to do and what c?

I. Think you are referring to a neuroma. Surgery is an accepted treatment for neuromas.
A bit confusing. One does not debride or clip a nerve. You debride an ulcer and clip a nail. Nerves can be injected, decompressed, or removed. Nerves near toes surgically are usually removed. Personally, i find injection therapy to be highly effective and would recommend them prior to surgery.
More Information. Why were prescribed orthotics in the first place and what symptoms are you having? I can guess that perhaps you have a neuroma. If you haven't had injections yet, i would recommend this before surgery.
Not sure. What is the problem that they are trying to correct? Clipping peripheral nerves(nerves not close to the spinal cord or brain) can lead to other problems like neuroma pain. Need more info to really help out.