I quit smoking weed started smoking cigarettes tried to smoke weed again had 1 anxiety attack but I can't smoke no more will the anxiety go away?

Yes. The effects of smoking marijuana generally last just a few hours- the effects will wane hour by hour and within 6-8 hours you will likely be feeling no effect. However, it may feel like a much longer time if you are anxious. If your anxiety persists beyond this it is not directly caused by the marijuana. Taking magnesium glycinate or citrate & drinking tulsi tea should help calm you. See comment:.

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I quit smoking weed started smoking cigarettes tried to smoke weed again now every time I try to smoke weed I get anxiety when will it disappear?

In a few hours. Your anxiety from smoking marijuana should disappear within a few hours as the effects of the marijuana dissipate, but will likely come back every time you smoke it. While most find cannabis to be calming, many react with anxiety. Possibly the combination of tobacco & cannabis is causing this; in either event stop smoking cigarettes-it's the best thing you can do for your health. See my comment:. Read more...

Why can't I smoke weed but can smoke cigarettes is it because of anxiety because I quit smoking weed then started smoking cigs but now I stopped?

Marijuana Side Effec. Some people have a paradoxical reaction to the cannabanoids in marijuana. Severe anxiety can be the result. If i could i would wish for you a life without smoking nicotine. Just take it from an old man who used to live in baltimore that this habit will not bring you anything good or healthy. Read more...