What are some ways to clean out impacted ear wax? I can only hear out of one side since cleaning my ears out this morning? It doesn't hurt. 

Ear Wax. You can try debrox drops over the counter for a few days. Eventually, the wax will soften and fall out of your eye in a big gooey glob. If this does not work after a week, call your primary doctor and he or she can flush out your ear canal.
Banish wax. Impacted wax is annoying since it can affect your hearing and be uncomfortable. I'd suggest placing a few drops of mineral oil into the ear canal followed by a cotton ball just before you go to sleep. This, along with your natural body heat, should help the wax soften and exit on its own. If this doesn't work, let a doctor look with a microscope to pull out the wax and prescribe a regimen.
Baby oil. Put few drops of baby oil in to ear at bed time for few days, it will come out easy.Be sure you donot have perfortion or other infection.