Can appendicitis be chronic?

Exceptionally rare. 99.9% of the time, inflammation of the appendix will lead to rupture within 2-4 days if left untreated. "chronic" appendicitis represents the very rare patient whose appendicitis resolves without treatment, only to recur at a later time. Nevertheless, if i were to evaluate someone with chronic abdominal pain, this would be very low on my "differential diagnosis".
Yes. It can especially if you are middle aged or older. What has happened is you have had small repeated infections, and now have a chronic condition. It isn't the most common presentation, but can happen.
No. Appendicitis is not chronic. It is possible to have chronic irritation to the appendix, but it is not a chronic infection. If infected, the appendix is removed. However, even after an appendectomy, it is possible to get appendicitis again. Usually a little stump of the appendix is left and this can, rarely, get infected again.

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Can chronic appendicitis be treated by taking antibiotics?

Prob not effectively. When appendix-a small sac off the intestine-becomes infected, the opening may be plugged. Then infection fighting cells, & waste products, accumulate. If this goes on for a long time (chronic) scar tissue can also encapsulate the diseased appendix. All this leads to an non-draining pocket of infection & an inadequate blood supply to transport antibiotics to the site to work. Read more...

Can chronic appendicitis go away on its on and not come back - the hospital says they suspect a grumbling appendix. Can I just forget about it?

Yes , they can . Now the concept changed , the term , chronic appendicitis is no longer used ( even though after attack it gives symptoms for long time ) , if symptoms persists , and documented , will need elective ( planed ) appendectomy , you will be fine. Read more...