Advise to me some stretching excercises to get relieve of my fibromyalgia pain in shoulders. Please help me I don't have any good doctor nearby. Help me?

Start slow. Exercise has been shown to be helpful for patient's with fibromyalgia. There are many options i.E yoga and pilates, but start slow. A recent study showed the benefits of tai chi for musculoskeletal pain, depression, and quality of life in patient's with fibromyalgia. If you have access to a warm pool, gentle movement in the water can be helpful too.
NIA Website. The national institute on aging has stretching, exercise and diet recommendations for older people that i recommend for my fibromyalgia patients. They can be found at: http://go4life.Niapublications.Org/.
Yoga. That will be very effective- find a class or get a book - will be life changing.