I am a 22 year old indian female I have a very oily skin. Could u please suggest a good moisturiser for summers which does not make my skin more oily.?

Why? If your skin is oily, why do you want to use a moisturizer? Any moisturizer will increase your oiliness, almost by definition. If you also have dry flakes on your face (usually around the nose and eyebrows), you probably have seborrheic dermatitis, which requires prescription treatment. If oiliness is the only problem, low-dose Isotretinoin is sometimes prescribed. See a dermatologist.
Trial and error. Sometimes what you perceive as oily skin is actually dry skin. The body is so smart that it produces excess oil to make up for it's dryness. Re-evaluate your cleansing products first and make sure you are not over drying your skin with them. Try some non comedogenic over the counter products and see what works for your skin. Give each product about 2 weeks to see it's effect.