I have an arachnoid cyst and a chiari 1 malformation. How will a neurosurgeon know which one is causing my tinitus, dizziness, and nausea?

Cyst Location. Unless the arachnoid cyst is in the area called your posterior fossa , the back of your skull area, the dizziness would more likely be related to a chiari. The tinnitus should be assessed by ENT with hearing test. The nausea if it is exertional may be a sign of vertigo or due to the chiari if associated with a headache. I agree you need some workup to tease things out.
Working diagnosis. It depends on the location of the cyst, the extent of the chiari malformation on mri, what other symptoms you might have (difficulty swallowing, arm/legs symptoms, reflex changes). You might need an evaluation by an ear-nose-throat surgeon to see if there is a problem with the hearing and balance nerves. It becomes about choosing the most likely explanation after all the info are available.

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I have a arachnoid cyst and chiari 1 malformation with constant ringing in my ear and sometimes dizziness and nausea? Are these severe symptoms?

Concerning symptoms. Hi amorebella, perhaps you know my daughter arielle who went to university of buffalo med school, and is now a neurology resident at nyu. I'll ask her if she wants to get on the panel, but time.... Anyway, i've had a patient similar to what you have who had the arachnoid cyst removed neurosurgically, and is doing fine. Suggest a neurology/neurosurgical second opinion, presuming u had first one. Read more...
Neuro consult. Either or both, a neurologist or nuerosurgeon should be consulted. I would recommend going to a facility/institiution that is known for diagnosing and treating this, example johns hopkins or mayo clinic-you get the picture. Its possible you might not need surgery. Read more...