I feel like puking on and off all day especially at night, aprx3 months. It feels like theres a rock in my throat and kind of goes away when I burp. Why?

Esophageal Problem. You really need to see a GI doctor for an endoscopy. It could be a simply diverticulum causing the problem versus webbing across the esophagus vs. Stenosis vs severe esophagitis vs. Eosinophilic esophagitis. Tissue is the issue and get a scope to look at the problem. Start with an egd.
Consider these.... ..Possibilities: if you're female, are you pregnant? (take a test even if you don't think so). Could you be having reflux (heartburn) problems? Do you have post-nasal drainage? (allergies & sinus problems). There are other possibilities, but these are good places to start. You should have an eval by your doc and discuss tx options as well.