I'm a 26year old male. I weigh 600lbs. I have veins in my lower legs that randomly have a pin hole size spray of blood that is hard to stop & lasts?

Help you. Hi, thanks for your question. Do you have a family physician or a weight loss physician?What you are probably experiencing is leg edema spurred on by leg vein insufficiency--the pressure needed to return blood flow back to your lungs to get oxygen. There is so much pressure in your legs that can leak clear or bloody colored fluid. Please keep your legs elevated, decr. Salt see your physician asap.
Overweight. Youre too young for this. Those superficial veins have appeared due to poor circulation making collaterals or special veins to assist the affected area to receive more venous flow. However, if theyre bursting causing bleeding and bruises that means either you have so much venous back pressure or rarely on top of your condition you also have a blood disorder, doubt! please lose weight!