Severe back pain, numbness and tingling in feet arms hands swelling in thighs, feet, hands and upper arms. Rapid weight gain around belly?

See your doctor. It's important with all these symptoms mentioned that you seek evaluation with your primary care doctor to figure out what could be causing all these symptoms. There are various thing that could result in some of those symptoms. It may not be only one cause. It could have some vascular component, a metabolic component, a neurologic component, nutrient deficiency component, or none-of-the-above.
Significant symptoms. Although I'm not an internist, it sounds like you need to be seen by one immediately. Your symptoms could be consistent with kidney dysfunction. Make an appointment for tomorrow.

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Symptoms of bowelmovements of only mucus and jelly fish like things. Leg arm feet numbness and tingling. Upper and lower back pain. Wbc of 14.8?

This requires eval. Your symptoms and signs (white count of 14,800) are numerous and only an in-person evaluation/examination can adequately assess them. I might think of some form of infectious colitis with your mucus BM's and elevated WBC count; the numbness/tingling and pain could be something entirely different. I believe the best advice is go to ER (or your doc's office if you can get in today!) Good wishes:) Read more...