My C7 facet fracture has healed but left arm not good will I get extension back plus have frozen shoulder which don't help?

Speak with doctor. the extension range may take time to get back if you are supposed to limit it while the fracture healed. Will take constant therapy for a few months at least. Frozen Shoulder also requires constant range of motion, therapy and maybe even a cortisone injection or manipulation under anesthesia to help with this. Speak to your doctor, he/she should be able to help you.
Daily exercise. In frozen shoulder, the tissue around the shoulder joint gets thick and tight. In most cases, a frozen shoulder will get better on its own, but it can take months to a couple of years to heal completely. Is important to visit your doctor for evaluation, go to physical therapy (if not done yet) and potential orthopedic consult depending on your pain and functional level.
C a neurologist/orth. U have a real problem. Is the facet fx same side? C-7 = ulnar nerve so neurological eval. Also ortho 2address shoulder .

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C7 facet fractured healed my left arm still not good was wondering will I get extension back in it cannot raise it that high?

It depends. Peripheral nerve injuries are likely to improve, whereas spinal cord injuries are less likely to improve. You may have transiently injured the nerve but, it is important to understand the nature of the injury in order to establish prognosis. Emg/nerve conduction test after one month might be beneficial. Read more...
Injury after facet. When a facet fractures, bone/disc fragments may enter the nerve foramen (the tunnel between vertebrae where the nerve exits the spine). These fragments may cause pressure on the nerves and result in pain and/or weakness. Depending upon the fracture, this does not imply an unstable spine. If, however, instability is present then surgery is warranted. Otherwise, observation is fine if no worsening. Read more...