As a 34 year old, why would it be doubtful that I have gout? I have all the symptoms except one and I had this same flareup two years ago. I am not injured.

Gout. I am not sure who advised you that at 34 it is doubtful that you have gout. If the symptoms fit - and blood tests taken 10-14 days after an acute attack can help , too - then you can have gout. Seek a podiatrist for foot manifestations and an appropriate specialist for all those other places gout likes to attack ( like elbows, knees , auricular cartilage of the ear, etc.) good luck !
You could. You could have a flare 2 years later. Get checked out as it certainly could be gout if you have many of the symproms. Good luck.
Uncommon. Gout is uncommon to start with, affecting only 1 - 3% (1 - 3 out of a hundred) of the population over their lifetime. It is less common in women and is less common in younger patients.