About 12 tmes a day, sharp pain in lower lft groin & something swelling up about an inch or so in diameter. Apprs 2B at juncture of bldder & lft uretr?

Urine or stomach? Left lower quadrant pain as described can be due to constipation, colitis, kidney stone, urine infection, hernia or muscular problem. A urinalysis can help rule out some of these diagnoses quickly. If it is a swelling, you may be getting an inguinal hernia. See your physician, and an accurate diagnosis can be made fairly easily, even sometimes without radiology.
Hernia? Bulge in groin area with pain may be a hernia...If this pain is sharp and more than a dull ache seek I would be evaluated in er. The ureter bladder junction is deep in your pelvis and no near the groin or inguinal region.