Thanks 4 answering my question, 4got to say, how long can an infection from a cyst or impacted wisdom tooth go on for, had my pain now on and of 3yrs?

A long time! A cyst, unless removed, will usually continue to grow. Also, an infection that goes untreated may continue to persist. If you are having pain that persists, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a dentist or oral surgeon, who can take the proper type of x-ray to view the area of your wisdom tooth to locate any potential problems/cysts/ or infections. Get thee to a dentist!
Hard to say. The infection may linger on for a long time. Just because it is not causing you any immediate problems don't think that it is not effecting your health. Infected teeth can effect your heart, kidneys and in a worse case scenario the infection can develop into a brain abscess or a large swelling that can close off your airway. You need to have this problem addressed.