I've just come out if theatre for my breast lift surgery and my tounge is numb and I can taste the anasthetic in my mouth. Is this normal?

??? Assuming you are asking this from the recovery room?, the answer would be yes, but simply ring the nurse abd let her know your issues. It may take a little more time before the anesthesia wears off completely.
Yes it is normal. . Anything that's worsening should warrant a call to your surgeon.
Not unusual. The anesthetic taste usually resolves quickly. Numbness of the tongue too, but may take longer, depending on the reason. The most common reason is pressure. If the edge of the tongue was resting on the edge of the teeth or the breathing tube, it may take a few daysto resolve. Be certain to mention this to your surgeon, and let them know if symptoms worsen.
Information. For a short period of time yes. It should pass completely. Be patient.