I need a diet for gout relief.?

Low purine diet. Low purine foods include milk, egg whites, vegetables, berries, breads and pasta. Avoid alcohol and high purine foods such as red meat, salty fish, liver, gravy, mincemeat, scallop and mussels. All protein contains purines and should be consumed in moderation. Consult your doctor for a balanced diet so that you are still getting all your nutrients.
Veggies, dairy, C. Vegetarians do best. Adding lowfat dairy and vitamin c helps. Agree with dr. Ferdowski.
Gout diet. Take in tart cherry juice +tart cherries, 10/day. Add Lemon extract 2 tblspns/day. Avoid alcohol, animal fats, organ meats, anchovies, sardines, tuna, salmon, and shellfish. Limit other meats to 4 oz/day. Avoid high fructose corn syrup containing drinks and foods. Add egg whites, quinoa, soy as protein. Eat lots of citrus fruit and veggies. Drink 3 L /day.
Low purines. Avoid red meat, shell fish, dry beans, black eyed peas, asparagus, beer and wine.