Why is it not standard to do thyroid antibodies on someone with hypothyroid symptoms but a normal tsh?

May not be thyroid. Symptoms are often similar for a number of dieases. If symptoms suggest a certain disease a screening test will often be done. If the screening test is negative (TSH) further, more specific testing (thyroid antibodies) is usually not indicated. If symptoms persist with no other explanation, re-evaluation of a certain diagnosis may be indicated.
First. Must check free T4 to prove normal TSH is nml, or could be inappropiately 'normal range' if free T4 low anyway, we don't treat 'antibodies'-- we treat thyroid hormone function measured by TSH and free t4.

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I'm 23yr female. I've hypothyroid symptoms, but my T3, (liothyronine)T4, TSH test results came out normal. What thyroid tests should I take to test thyroid antibodies?

Antithyroid abs. Antithyroid anti bodies, the two main are: antithyroglobulin antibodies and anti TPO antibodies, but I would rather run those tests by the endocrinologist looking after you, and you would better have one if you haven't seen one already, take care.
Thyroid Ab's and... Many people who are clinically hypothyroid have normal tests as what is normal is debatable. Many believe any TSH above 3 is too high, some even above 2. Check anti-thyroglobulin and TPO antibodies but also test Free T3 (liothyronine) and Reverse T3 (liothyronine). See http://tinyurl. Com/koyamo5 and http://tinyurl. Com/nrww2qg and http://www. Stopthethyroidmadness. Com/tsh-why-its-useless/

What can cause high thyroid antibodies with normal tsh?

Thyroid antibodies. Hashimotos disease - its an autoimmune disorder causing thyroid inflammation. An ultrasound should be performed to detect thyroid nodules. It can cause thyroid dysfunction ie TSH abnormalities over time.

My TSH fluctuates goes to 5.5 with 12.5 mcg comes down to. 27 on 25mcg. Anti thyroid antibodies +ve. How to titrate. Only hair loss no hypothyroid symp?

Dosing. Hi. Most systems are not that sensitive! I would suggest trying 12.5 mcg on even days of the month and 25 mcg on odd days of the mont. This will give you an average daily dose of 18.75 mcg, and should give you a nice, normal TSH. But to reiterate, most systems are not that sensitive. Make sure you're well equilibrated (dose at least 6 weeks) before testing. Good luck!