Allergy, intolerance, or viral? I get vertigo when I eat nuts, chocolate and caffeine, and basic dizziness from other foods. Started after shingles.

Inner ear issues? If the nerves related to your inner ear get swollen they could easily result in feelings of vertigo/dizziness. Perhaps the foods are causing the nerves to swell? Post nasal drip and eustachian tube dysfunction might do it. Chinese medicine or cranial osteopathy might help. Diazepam is a western medication that would effectively treat symptoms.
Labyrinthitis. Depending on which nerve root was affected by your shingles outbreak, you may have "irritated" nerves that innervate the labyrinth, or balance centers of the ears. If shingles was not a case of the head and neck area, then i recommend a simple blood test such as imunocap, which tests for food allergies, thus helping you identify allergies directly and minimize your exposure to them.