I suffer from frequent migraines, will my metoprolol medication pass into my breast milk?

Ok. It is probably safe to take metoprolol while breast feeding although no controlled trials have been done in humans.
Yes. It is concentrated in breast milk but is listed as one of the drugs acceptable to breastfeed with, according to american academy of pediatrics. Talk to your pediatrician.

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Breast milk started drying up 3 years after weaning? Pituitary gland is normal. Will this cause hormonal changes and visual migraines?

No. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here, as breast milk will usually go away after you're done breastfeeding. For it to go on 3 years after weaning is a bit unusual, but i'd be glad it did. If the pituitary is normal, then no, unless you're prone to migraines anyways you should be fine. Read more...