My dad has been complaining of pressure in his chest and shortness of breath what can it be?

Call 911. It may be signs of a heart attack. Another possibility is the blood clot in the lungs. It may be something else, but better to be safe and have him seen asap by a doctor.
Rule out heart. It is urgent to rule out heart disease. Have your dad see a doctor asap.

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My father experienced sudden shortness of breath while doing his usual routine in the farm. He has no chest pain and his blood pressure is 120/60. What should I do?

Get checked out. Sudden shortness of breath is not normal and can come from several different things without chest pain. He should get it checked out as soon as possible.
He needs cardiac w.u. He needs cardiac w.U, to start with exam and ekg and needs to be ruled out for valvular issues with echo and possibly stress test.
SOB. Get to er get ekg with rhythm strip and cardiac enzymes drawn along with chest x-ray to rule out pulmonary embolism.

I have a recurrent feeling of pressure on my sternum x several days. No chest pain. No shortness of breath really, just a heavy feeling in chest.

See ur doc. Chest pressure in a 30 year old woman is very unlikely to be heart related, BUT, knowing nothing more about you, you should see Ur doc to evaluate this problem.

Overwieght. 19 yrs old. In evening, shortness of breath pressure on chest, pain in chest, pulse of 60 or below. Pulse drops after chasing my son.

Multiple symptoms. Only way we can assess and diagnose your problem is to have a thorough examination and possibly some pertinent lab work. So please see your doctor asap.
Medical attention. Red flags for me are chest pressure, chest pain, and shortness of breath. These symptoms, without knowing anything else, prompt me to send you to the hospital for an evaluation right away.

Should I be concerned about lingering shortness of breath, chest pain, and spikes in blood pressure on top of new sob that has lasted for three weeks?

Yes. The signs and symptoms you enumerated could be manifestation of serious medical conditions and needs thorough work up. There are possibilities of having hormonal, pulmonary (lung) and hematological (blood clot) and infection could be the underlying cause of your symptoms. I strongly advise you to see your doc and get evaluated.

Chest pain and shortness of breath. Took blood pressure was 126/103 then normal yesterday then today 106/100 and plus 100 machine said that was great?

It is unlikely that. The blood pressures you are reporting are accurate. A pulse pressure of only 6 (106/100) is unlikely in a 26 year old woman in the absence of severe medical conditions of which you would certainly be aware. You need to see a health care provider for an accurate assessment of your blood pressure and the symptoms that are causing you concern.

Lately feeling like lot of heat coming from inside my body, shortness of breath, a cough mostly at night with chest pain/pressure, fatigue?

Infection? It sounds like you may have a serious infection causing fever. Please get checked today and get started on an antibiotic if one appears to be needed.

Shortness of breath and chest pain and chest pressure, an awful cough, headache after a cold that started a week ago, fevers and chills. Why?

Pneumonia PLUS. Please get checked at the ER NOW- this certainly sounds like pneumonia with pleuritis (pleurisy)- and can be quite serious. This will require aggressive antibiotic therapy.

Chest pain on right and left side by arms and shortness of breath for 6 days normal blood pressure?

Undiagnosed pain. You describe undiagnosed chest pain. This should be evaluated in all cases. The only other information we have is that you're male and 29. The incidence of coronary disease with those demographics is very low. Depending on other risk factors, surely.
ER. Shortness of breath and chest pain need to be seen in the ER or at least urgent care. Best not to delay. You need a CXR, exam, labwork.