Going for breat lift surgery tomorrow at 12pm. I have to take my birth control pill with a sip of water. Obviously I'm on npo for general anesthetic, can I take my pill at 9am with a sip of water?

Yes. Traditionally it was held that patients should be "npo" eight hours. But more recent studies show that up to 4 oz of water is probably ok upto two hrs before surgery.
Yes. The rules keep changing but one can always take their medication on the morning of surgery and if you really do need to have some fluids the day of surgery in order to stay hydrated and not get dizzy, its perfectly alright to drink clear fluids (water, gatorade, apple juice) up to 2 hrs before.
Should be fine. The current guidelines allow clear liquids like water up to 2 hours before surgery, full liquids up to 6 hours before surgery and 8h or more for regular meals. We still use the nothing after midnight rule to assure that first cases will not be unreasonably delayed and to allow for moving up later cases to an earlier time if cases cancel. Bottom line, you pill with a sip of water is just fine.
4 AM to be safe... Npo guidelines for general anesthesia haven't changed much in the last few years. But, 6-8 hours is definitely sufficient for taking a pill with just a sip of h20. Don't worry and...Don't worry!