I always have pflem in my throat to a point where I lose my voice.?

Upstairs/downstairs. What's dripping from upstairs? Allergies? Recurrent colds or sinus infection? What's coming up from downstairs? Any asthma? Acid reflux from your stomach/esophagus can cause phlegm too. Be a good detective & follow the clues. Sort them out with your doc. Good luck!
Throat problems. Your condition is called "globus". This simply means that you have a feeling of something in your throat. This phlegm like sensation if often due to reflux into your throat(sometimes even when you sleep). The symptoms can also be due to dehydration and post-nasal drainage from allergies.
Let explain? Phlegm is a natural waste product of the body, but it doesn’t always occur. First, you need to distinguish the difference between phlegm and mucous. Mucous is what you blow. If you keep cleaing your throat some time you lose your vioce?
Think Allergies. Persistent post nasal dripping could be uncontrolled allergies. Consider trying a over the counter oral antihistamine such as claritin, allegra, or zyrtec.