I m having chronic prostatitis, currently on antibiotics. I've lower back pain mostly on sides and my testis veins sometimes swells. Why?

PROSTATITIS. Several food triggers can flare chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, but this is a diagnosis only confirmed after many other things have been ruled out by a physician.

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My right sided testis veins swells (looks like varicoceles) when I pee or pass stool. Doctor said I've chronic prostatitis, no varicoceles confirmed.

SWELLING VEINS. Could be varicocele . They can increase or fill with valsalva. Usually they are on the left however. This needs to be followed by a physician due to the side it's on. Especially if there is none on the left. Read more...

I have been diagnosed with prostatitis. How does this condition cause lower back pain?

Referred pain. sensory nerves that go to the prostate come from the same spinal cord level as nerves that go to the muscles and tissue in your lower back, so the pain is felt in both locations. Think of a dog moving it's leg when you rub it's belly. Read more...