85 yr, history of high blood pressure, has morning sinking spells, low BP, faints, lethargic, weak, BP goes up by noon, ran tests, nothing major?

Get a 2nd opinion. If you have a blood pressure machine at home, please check it before you get up in the morning (lying down position). Then get up slowly with blood pressure cuff on. Repeat it about 3-5 minutes after you get up. Check if you have any symptoms between lying down and getting up. Record everything and talk to physician. Medications may be the problem. Or baroreceptor reflex may be problem.
Needs a second look. BP is generally low while sleeping and begins to rise just before we awake. The low am pressure indicates it is not happening with you. Some possibilities come to mind. Perhaps your current medications need modification. Also because symptoms take so long to resolve you may have an undiagnosed heart rythym or failure problem. Talk to your doc and see if further testing and evaluation is indicated.