Pinching in stomach liver heart also in lower abdomen can it be due to gas or ulcer please advise?

Gas. Intestinal gas symptoms can be very widespread. Often the symptom can be helped by trying to minimize swallowing during the day. Cutting back on snack swallowing, smoking, gum chewing etc. Can help.

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I had two hernia repairs with mesh two weeks ago. I am feeling a burning sensation and stabbing pain in my lower abdomen, fast heart beat, and sweatin?

Not normal. You may want to check your temperature. If temperature > 99.5 Fahrenheit you will need to go to ED or call your surgeon. Are your bowel movements regular? Is your pain over the site of incision? Is there redness/swelling or white purulent discharge from the incision? Is there nausea/vomiting associated with the stabbing pain? All of these symptoms are signs of infection and/or obstruction. Read more...

Leaned slightly forward, 5 second Stabbing pain in upper abdomen and then up between breasts. Then waved arm and another similar pain. Gas? Heart?

Anatomy. So, you are asking how you can feel pain when you move into a position that causes squishing of some internal organs, and/or your lungs and the muscles in the abdomen or chest and then have short pain. It is not your heart or gas. It is the squishing and stretching of muscles and organs and a physician would be surprised if you felt nothing. Read more...