For a 59 year old stomach cancer patient, should leg pain be taken as a chemotherapy's side effect? Patient is on eloxatin (oxaliplatin) and capecitabina... Thanks.

Maybe related. You are having leg pain and wonder if it is related to chemotherapy drugs. It is important to relay your leg pain to your doctor. This could be related to electrolyte imbalance, blood clot, among other things. Your doctor will want to know what makes the pain get better and when you notice it, if it resolves on its own. There may be additional studies ordered to look for clots.
DVT. Yes this may happen but such patient may have hypercoagulable state which means patient can develop clots in his veins or arteries , so must rule out DVT or phlebitis by duplex ultrasound along with a good physical exam or duplex study for the arterial system.