How should progress of terminal pancreatic cancer be monitored?

Symptom control! For most patients, focusing on comfort and quality of life is most important. Scans are not usually very helpful in the final stages, and can cause more discomfort than benefit for patients who are frail.
Symptom control. The goal of palliative treatment of an incurable disease is to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Nausea medicine for intractable vomiting, narcotic pain medicine for pain, etc. Hospice services are well aware of these needs and early engagement of this service can be tremendously comforting for the patient and family.
Goals of care. With a terminal condition, important to identify what are the goals of care. Depending on the direction of care there could be no monitoring to frequent monitoring.

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Post Whipple Oncology Operation: Is the lgG4 blood test of any monitoring value for diagnosed pancreatic cancer?

No. IgG4 levels are useful in diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune disease like autoimmune pancreatitis but not pancreatic cancer. CA19.9 is good for the latter.
? What is this test? The only useful blood test in common usage is called CA 19.9. It goes up if the Pancreatic Cancer is progressing or relapsing. So it is commonly done blood test, at about 3 monthly intervals.

Pancreatic Cancer: What are other acronyms for Carbohydrate Ag 19-9, besides CA19-9, in the attempt to diagnose and monitor this cancer?

Only 19.9. The CA referring to carbohydrate antigen will not be altered in some pancreatic lesions, and not be elevated in others. Being CA in origin designates this marker as one to be used for monitoring and not diagnsis since it is only elevated in 60% of pancreatic cancers, elevated in other GI neoplasms and also elevated in inflammation.

If you had to name one or 2 monitoring blood tests for pancreatic cancer would you include carbohydrate antigen 19-9 even with its false positives?

Homework. Name whatever you think your instructor wants. All tumor markers have false negatives and false positives. CA19-9 is the most useful marker in pancreatic cancer. You're not going to use it for screening. It's helpful if the original tumor produces it -- rising levels let you know it's back.
Monitoring not Dx. There are number of chemicals associated with pancreatic cancer. None of these is good for making a diagnosis, but may be used to monitor the progress of disease. However even for that the role is limited due to other issues affecting levels of these markers, including CA 19-9. See this site for more info on this topic. Http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pmc/articles/PMC3079322/