My thyroid levels were checked just recent and my TSH was 2.08 and my T4 was 14. Could this be causing the anxiety feeling? What is protocol?

TBG. Total T4 isn't a very useful test. Any female taking birth control pills, for example, could have an elevated T4 because thyroid binding globulin might increase. A free T4 would be much more helpful. With a normal tsh, it isn't likely that you're hyperthyroid. Elevations in thyroid hormone levels should suppress TSH in people with primary hyperthyroidism.
Thyroid anxiety. I had an elevated thyroid after a bout of pneumonia and it can cause anxiety symptoms. Your TSH is normal, T4 a little high but labs can be wrong. I would suggest your md repeating and getting a free T3 (liothyronine) as T3 (liothyronine) is many more times as potent as t4. There are many other symptoms of hyperthyroidism than just anxiety that are more important to look for. Talk with your md.