I am doing b.Com. I have problems in studying like lack of confidence, causing me to cry all day and stress. I do not have much knowledge about doctors. Which doctor should ivisit?

See below. Are these new symptoms or old symptoms? Start with your primary care doctor to rule out anything physical going on. Meanwhile, create a routine, set small achievable goals, set aside time for studying, shorter intervals, but more days, don't procrastinate. Small goals will help you get a sense of accomplishment and be more productive. Good luck!
TOUGH TIME. Sounds like youre having a tough timeof it. I think i'd want to talk with someone and level out. Doing what youve been doing will get the same result. Find out why the lack of confidence and what moves you to cry. Time to contact a counselor or therapist.
Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist or a psychologist. A psychiatrist can also prescribe medications.