What can cause a chronic cough, other than reflux?

Many things... Some of the disorders that lead to chronic cough include reflux, bronchospasm, post-nasal drip, etc. There is even a category called idiopathic when it cannot be ascertained what the cause is. Chronic cough can also be a combination of some of these disorders. All possibilities need to be treated for the cough to resolve so it can be difficult to get full resolution. Good luck!
Sinusitis. Ge reflux is certainly a common cause and oftern empirically treated for a patient with a chronic cough. I find that chronic rhinitis or sinusitis is probably more common and often need to be treated as well. Medications such as ace inhibitors for BP need to be stopped. There is always the possibility of underlying ashtma as well. Ohter primary lung problems are discovered with appropriate xr.

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I had fundoplication surgery dec 2011 for my chronic cough. It turns out I had at best (before the surgery) mild acid reflux. My cough was caused by a?

Is cough gone? A nissan fundoplication is a surgery that's been done for years to treat acid reflux; now, however, it's often done laparoscopically. Reflux can cause cough, hoarseness, wheezing, heartburn, etc. If your symptoms are better, know that even mild reflux can cause symptoms. If the cough persists, it's back to the drawing board. Asthma, sinus infections, and/or allergies are frequent reasons. Lgromko. Read more...

Hi. I've had a chronic cough for over 8 weeks now. Had xray and no lung problems. Then told reflux caused it. But treatment hasnt helped. What next?

Cough. Make sure you are taking the reflux medicine 1/2 hr before food. Post nasal drip is also a common reason for cough. Consider using a neti pot for salt water flushes of the sinuses to clear the allergy issue. Read more...