Are there any rx's that I can take to increase milk supply? I had a prior breast reduction that affected my ability to breast feed with my 1st baby.

Discuss with M.D. Your obstetrician may be able to give you individual advice, and guidence.
Probably not. Unfortunately, most women who have had breast reduction can not produce enough to adequatley feed their babies, no matter what meds or herbs they take. These little ones will need supplementation for adequate calories for growth. But don't give up breastfeeding, the nutrients you give with breastmilk are very important. Just remember to supplement each time with a formala.
Medications? There are a number of reasons for low milk supply, and surgery does not always affect milk supply. One medication, which is a natural hormone, nasal oxytocin, may help release the milk. There may be side effects, so please read about his before you ask your doctor. Also, check out lowmilksupply.Org which has a number of natural ways to help increase milk production.