I brush my teeth twice with two strips of toothpaste n saltwater n regular water rinse twice between. Then I floss. Am I overdoing it a little?

Yes. The salt water is not necessary , also too much toothpaste won't make any difference than a pea size amount, flossing is most important part of your hygiene system with the brushing and rinsing.
Maybe a little. Your oral hygiene habits are commendable. However, using two strips of toothpaste is not needed. Toothpaste helps you clean your teeth better plus some other aids like reduced tartar, etc. A good soft brush is more inportant. Flossing is very important part of your daily routine. Keep up the good work.
Perhaps a little bit. There is little reason to use salt water and a large amount of toothpaste, a little dad will do ya ! i would suggest that you floss first then brush. Flossing dislodges food and bacteria between the teeth and brushing afterwards will result in a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. Good job !
Maybe.... The salt water has no real benefit. Maybe use 1/2 strip of toothpaste if you want to brush twice and be sure to use a soft brush!