What does the word "gait" mean in sports medicine?

Gait is specifically. The mechanics associated with how you walk or propel yourself with your lower extremities and torso.
Walking. Pattern of walking/movement of the legs. Doctors watch a patient's way of walking to see if there are any abnormalities that may be associated with their musculoskeletal problem.
The way you walk. Your gait is the way you walk. There are very specific phases and certain abnormalities in a gait may lead to overuse injuries.
Gait = How you walk. Gait means how you walk / walking stride. In sports medicine, depending on what your complaint is, the way you walk and studying your gait is very important and used to direct your treatment, rehabilitation and return to sport.
Gait. Gate typically refers to a person's pattern or style of ambulation. Gait pattern includes steps, stride and cadence during an individual's style of walking or running. Other details include angle and base of gate as well as an individual's posture. Studying and combining these elements can reveal certain pathologies during gate.