I have a complex ovarian cyst which when diagnosed had little symptoms. I'm now having pain everyday and horrible bladder pressure. Does this mean its growing. Ovary was 46 cc 2 months.

Possibly . It could also mean you have a simple bladder infection. See your doctor. If cyst is that large and if you are having pain you may need to have it removed.
Too big. The normal upper limit of an ovary is 14 cc. 43 cc is too large. If you are having pain you should talk to your dr about a laparoscopic exam to see if that will help your pain by removing the cyst. The other option is to wait a month or two to see if it goes away on its own. How aggressive you and your dr. Want to be should be based on the number of months of pain.
See your provider. Please make a return visit to your health care provider. Repeat pelvic us may also be useful. Your symptoms certainly could be due to an enlarging ovarian cyst, but other causes should be ruled out.