Burning with urination, tender testis&its veins something swelling in scrotum. E.Coli is found in urine culture& pus cells in urine and semen 10-15 hpf?

Prostate also. Sounds like you already are being treated if you know that it is a e coli infections prob also a prostate infection and should improve with proper antibiotics.

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E.Coli in urine culture indicates what? Pain in testis and sometimes swelling in right testicular veins+hard&tender epididymis when urinate/pass stool

E. coli. Urinary tract infection may be indicated by the presence of bacteria in urine culture if present in large numbers (>100, 000/ml). The manner of collection and the symptoms experienced and the urinalysis are all essential components of diagnosis. Sounds as if you may have epididymitis. See a urologist and get evaluated. Good luck and feel better..
Bacterial UTI... E. coli of >50, 000 colonies/ml from urine culture with properly collected fresh urine confirmed having bacterial UTI; it is the most common bug for UTI, which may lead to epididymitis, epididymoorchitis, . .. depending on antibiotic treatment and response. More? Seek evaluation / counseling from your doc or urologist.

Burning in testicles after urination & urine stream is low + pain in testicles after urination right side testis veins swells. E.Coli in culture. Help?

U have. Been seen by a doctor, as you had tests done and given appropriate treatment. I have 2 advice for you: be patient and follow doctors order and drink, drink a lot, use cranberry in form of juice or pills. If things do not resolve in 7-10 days go see a urologist who will have to figure out why do you have the infection and why does not clear up.

Had urine culture and e.Coli is found. Doctor prescribed ciprofloxacin 1 tab 500mg for 10 days. Is it enough to treat e.Coli. Having scrotal pain also?

E. Coli: The Norms. Yes. But if it is seeded into the prostate gland as well you may need medication for six weeks or so. Your family doctor can sort this out for you.
Maybe. E. coli is a common cause of urine infections. The precise sensitivity to antibiotics varies by strain & infection. The lab that identifies the bacteria also reports the antibiotics that work against it and doctors use this when choosing antibiotics. Cipro (ciprofloxacin) is one that usually works well though it is usually dosed twice daily. Also resistance is rising. Follow up with your doctor directly.

Had urine culture and e.Coli was found. Having UTI and had different meds to treat it. Pain in pelvic, testis after peeing&passing stool. Urine urgency?

Epididymitis? It's unusual for a 24 year old man to get a uti. Epidiymitis is more common, and would explain the testicular symptoms. The antibiotics should be chosen based on the culture results, but you may need a longer source than for a uti. Scrotal ultrasound can also be helpful. Epididymis is in young men is usually caused gonorrhea or chlamydia, which would not show up on a standard urine cultures.
Prostatitis? Your meds show ciproflox and levoflox. Need only one of the two, they are similar. Your symptoms suggest prostatitis rather than simple uti. It needs longer duration of therapy & has slower resolution of symptoms. If you were treated with more than a week and no better, let your doc know to reevaluate the plan of treatment including possible re culture and antibiotic adjustment.