1 yr old. Runny nose, cough, teething. Fever for 3 days range 98-102. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofin help. Still plays, eats and drinks. What to do?

Teething pain help. Generally Ibuprofen is much more effective for teething than acetaminophen.You can also let your baby chew on a soft bristle tooth brush. Some parents have found camilia really aids in teething discomfort. It is important you do not give your baby more than four doses of Acetaminophen per day. Some children will chew on your finger to put some pressure back on the erupting tooth. Good luck.
Tincture of time. Can be teething. Can be virus. Keep checking temperature, make sure child is hydrated, and give it time. If concerned, ck w your pediatrician.
Chew on cold things . Give them something cold to chew on like a frozen, damp washcloth or cold teething ring. The cold makes the gums feel better, the chewing helps the tooth cut through. Don't give her small things to chew on as they are choking hazards.
Virus. Your child likely has a viral infection which will clear in 7-10 days. Teething can also cause fevers as well. However, if your child is still eating, drinking, and playing just continue to manage the fever and runny nose. Make sure to wash your hands frequently so as not to transmit the virus through the family.