How can you get rid of endometriosis?

Excisional Surgery. In our experience, excision of endo is curative. In many repeat surgeries (over 100), endo was found only in 2 patients. This finding supports the embryologic theory of endo development. Endo is likely fully expressed by mid to late teens. From our findings, endo found later at surgery was likely missed or incompletely treated at the first surgery as is common with cautery or laser.
Curing endo. While many women benefit from aggressive excisional laparoscopic surgery where all visible and deep disease is removed, after three to five years, a majority of women will experience recurrence of symptoms. While surgery and medical suppression can keep symptoms at bay, as there is a genetic component, there is no way we can reverse the genetic predisposition to develop the condition.

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What is the difference between endometriosis and fibroids? And how can I get rid of them?

Fibroids. Fibroids a over growth of mucule within uterine wall. Endometriosis is abnormal collection of uterine lining tissue outside uterus. As to treatment will need to discuss with gynecologist. Multiple surgical and hormonal manipulation. All have risks and benefits. Read more...