I had induced delusional disorder for a long time. After myseparation, I have symptoms of ptsd and under stress, I have psychosis. How can you help me treat this.

See a Professional . You need to see a professional to meet with you and do an evaluation and assessment and come up with a diagnosis then a treatment plan is suggested and started. It is not possible to give an opinion on these issues without a face to face evaluation.
Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists see this panorama very very often; and we know how to take care of it. Have an evaluation and treat it at a psychiatrist office, you will feel better after treatment, probably.
Complex problem. This is complex. There is no simple fix. There is no fast fix. Ptsd is inherently painful. Most people want to avoid pain. This can make it difficult for patients to tolerate delving into their feelings, memories & thoughts. I make sure that patients are stabilized on meds before they open pandora's box. Cognitive processing therapy in addition to psychotropic meds has been shown effective.
Careful using terms. It is very important that clear communication and precise description of what is being experienced is understood before using terms. Doctors have a difficult enough time with this and even within the same discipline.