Treatment for toe nail fungus?

Nail fungus treatmen. I ususally outline the following options for my patinets: topical creams topical antifungal nail polish removal of nail oral antifungals (some risk of liver concerns) laser nail treatment. Talk with your podiatrist about these options to see which is best for you.
Toenail. Best treatment for toenail fungus is a pill called Lamisil or generic, terbinafine. Ask your dermatologist for a prescription. It will take three months of treatment and repeat treatments are often necessary.
Topical option. Topical Clotrimazole (over the counter athlete's foot cream) rubbed into the cuticle twice a day can sometimes control the effects but it will not cure it. For some in whom the pills may not be safe, it is an option. The toenail fungus will return when the topical cream is stopped.
See a doctor. See a doctor. There are oral and topical treatments. Let them help decide whicih is the best treatment fo you.