How will co-sleeping influence my sex life?

? back to you. With this question i ask a question back. How do you think co-sleeping will influence your sex life? In most cases it does put quite a damper on things especially if the baby is breastfeeding. There is a great deal of attachment going on not leaving much room for sex. But the bed will be full of love and its definitely full-on family cuddle time. As for the nap time on their own, your time is gold.
Depends. If your baby is sharing the same bed, the downside for sex is obvious. Since we lose about a hundred infants a year with this arrangement, the unspoken risk is also a consideration. If you are one of the unlucky ones, it is a relationship killer. Same room = yes/same bed =no.
I think so. Many couples find co-sleeping enjoyable and rewarding. But many others don't, in part because of the effect it has on adult relationships. Think about this as you make plans for where your baby will sleep-- and talk about it with your partner both before and after childbirth.